Compare product deals from European Amazon's! is a Chrome extension that helps you compare the prices of the same product overall European Amazon stores. No registration is necessary!
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Download our Chrome extension

Go to the chrome web store and download our extension. This is an approved extension. 

Go to any amazon store of the European Union

No sign-ups and setup are necessary. Everything is handled on your local machine.

Just click and see your products alternatives

The extension runs automatically, on the stop and finds the same product on amazon .fr, .de, .es, .it.

Why do you need this?

Amazon prices vary from one country to another and especially for more expensive products, their prices vary a whole lot more.

If you are looking for your next phone, that flagship model at can be cheaper than

We are not only giving you a simple solution but also simplifying your shopping experience.

This extension is run locally on your chrome application. We do not store nor process your data.